DOTween  0.8.530
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 CDOTweenComponentUsed to separate DOTween class from the MonoBehaviour instance (in order to use static constructors on DOTween). Contains all instance-based methods
 CExtensionsPublic only so custom shortcuts can access some of these methods
 CDOTweenMain DOTween class. Contains static methods to create and control tweens in a generic way
 CIDOTweenInitUsed to allow method chaining with DOTween.Init
 CSequenceControls other tweens as a group
 CShortcutExtensionsMethods that extend known Unity objects and allow to directly create and control tweens from their instances
 CTweenIndicates either a Tweener or a Sequence
 CTweenerAnimates a single value
 CTweenExtensionsMethods that extend Tween objects and allow to control or get data from them
 CTweenParmsThis class serves only as a utility class to store tween settings to apply on multiple tweens. It is in no way needed otherwise, since you can directly apply tween settings to a tween via chaining
 CTweenSettingsExtensionsMethods that extend Tween objects and allow to set their parameters