Examples UnityPackage

Requires Unity 5.6 or later (just because that way I can show more features of DOTween).

As of now, this package contains basic examples for tweens, Sequences, the new Unity UI, paths, materials, a follow tween, and how to create custom DOTween plugins.

Download DOTween Examples

NOTE: the examples don't include DOTween: download that separately from here.

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  • Basics

    Move a Transform's position to [2,2,2] in 1 second.

    This example shows how to do that both with the shortcuts and the generic way. There is no reason for using the generic way when a shortcut is available, but it's here to make you understand the core of DOTween's logic (since shortcuts use the generic way in the background).

    // The shortcuts way
    								transform.DOMove(new Vector3(2,2,2), 1);
    								// The generic way
    								DOTween.To(()=> transform.position, x=> transform.position = x, new Vector3(2,2,2), 1);

    As you can see the shortcuts way is, uh, shorter. But the generic way allows you to tween anything, in those cases where a shortcut is not available.

Other Resources


Rajavanya Subramaniyan made a very nice open source DOTween DEMO. Check it out here.