DOTween is developed and supported by a single person, Daniele Giardini. There's a lot of work to do to support and expand a tween engine, as I learned while spending a giant amount of time supporting HOTween in these years. Even if there is a Pro version with extra features that requires a small fee, the free and open source engine still takes most of my time.

If you want to help, please use the PayPal donate button down here to contribute. Even $1 is great. Thanks :)

If you donate $100 or more (as a sum, not necessarily as a single donation) you get a special "sponsor" status, which means that if we ever meet I will kiss you unless you punch me ;)

If you want a web link associated with your name (as long as it's not something completely unrelated like kitchen appliances) or prefer not to appear on one of these lists just let me know (or simply add a comment to your donation about it).


Thank you all :)


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